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Location:     Punta Gorda, FL USA (33982)

Phone:     (239) 565-0027

Dog Breed:     Other

Title:     Caucasian Shepherd Pupp's

Posted:     Apr 30th, 2017

Price:     $1,200

Desc:     Bred 600 years to protect livestock and property. Full grown 160 to 220 lbs. Very rare in United States. Best watch dogs in the world. Dad from Russia and mom from Romania. Google them. Two females and four males available. They have dual eyelids, webbed toes and grow a lions mane in cooler environments. They only half sleep and are always on the guard. Great loyal pets. They require a lot room to run around and be on guard which they enjoy. Breeders sell them for $2500. First pic is mom at 4 months and dad at 6 months. Pups are 8 wks old. There is a black female, two gray with white feet and four brown. Once you have an Ovcharka, you never go with anything else. T To good homes ONLY.

WARNING: Avoid scams by dealing with LOCAL sellers ONLY.


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