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Location:     Randolph, NJ USA (07869)

Phone:     (973) 584-6946

Dog Breed:     Redbone Coonhound

Title:     Adopt 6 month old Rescue Pup for Loving

Posted:     Apr 28th, 2017

Price:     $0

Desc:     Bella is a six month old, rescue, female hound mix. She was born on October 25, 2016. We were told she was the smallest in a litter of 14 from West Virginia. She has been a big part of our family since her adoption on Christmas Eve. She has grown rapidly both in size and in our hearts. Miss Bella loves to play fetch, chase bubbles, and ring the bell for treats. She is good at sit, stay, lay down, and most basic behaviors. She graduated a puppy elementary class of 5 sessions. She is housebroken, and she rings a cowbell attached to the doorknob when she has to poop. She happily spends her nights in her crate with her blanket. For some reason she likes to jump into our bathtub, although she has never been given a bath there. She spent half a day in puppy daycare and we were told she plays well with others. Her leash manners need to be worked on, but with the proper collar or harness she should do fine. Bella has long legs, and at barely six months she weighs 55 pounds. She has lots of energy, and I would not recommend her to a family with young children. Bella has been wormed, microchipped, and has all of her shots, including the first of two Lyme vaccines. She had her last two baby teeth extracted by the vet when she was spayed on April 24. She is still wearing an Elizabethan collar as her stitches continue to heal. Bella is all hound and needs plenty of exercise and room to run. We had just made arrangements to have our yard fenced in with a 6 foot fence, when I had an accident I slipped on our wet deck. I fell and badly dislocated my shoulder. I am “no Spring chicken” as the saying goes, and have a long recovery ahead of me. It breaks my heart, but I can no longer give Bella the continued training, exercise and care she deserves. Bonnie- Randolph, NJ 973-584-6946

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