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Location:     Granbury, TX USA (76049)

Category:     Animals - Pets

Title:     Cute African Grey

Posted:     Dec 29th, 2016

Phone:     (678) 820-8658

Alternate Contact:    

Price:     $0

Desc:     just over 1 year old grey for sale, hand reared and very friendly I have his hatch certificate i got him when he ws 10 weeks old he is just starting to talk and says quite a few words, soes not swear he sings lots of tunes and is a really friendly boy (not DNA sexed) i call him Kevin although he could be a female, he will step up on to your hand and loves to sit on my shoulder singing, preening my hair and chattering,he walks around the house and tells the dog off (he is the boss of my Labrador) he has bonded with me Im female, he is not keen on males, , he has a cage for night time which i dont need to cover as he is quiet at night, but when Im in the house he has a free standing perch, he is very sociable and happy and i feel he needs to stay like this to enable him to have a happy life, his cage, toys, perch and food will come with him any questions please telephone us via... Contact:(678) 820-8658

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